Complete the sentence

A fun game to tell different stories in a very funny and sometimes silly way. Students sit in a circle and one of them begins a telling a story. Whenever the story teller decides to stop then the person on the right has to continue the story. By the end of the circle students laugh and enjoy themselves and feel comfortable with each other. Of course , as a class we now have inside jokes because of the story we created on the first day of school.

Playing jenga

Jenga is a fun game that requires steady hands and concentration. It was only the first day at school but students had to show some skills. The Jenga game was used as an ice-breaker and since each wooden piece corresponded to a question we got to know each other and have some fun. The students had to answer the question that they picked and ask the same question to one of the other students. If the student failed to keep pull out a Jenga piece without destroying the tower, all the class would have to answer the questions corresponding to the pieces that had fallen.

Europe Day

9 May is Europe Day. Many people know how important is being part of Europe. As European citizens, we are able to collaborate with each other in order to reach peace, cohabitation, and freedom all around the continent. In addition, we have to accept the differences between all the countries and cultures, and we have to take advantage of all of them for our own growth.

European people need to be a model for the rest of the world. We strongly believe in the power of education based on European values for our pupils.

For this reason, we would like to wish you all… HAPPY EUROPE DAY!

Coasty Co.

As students of the IMS Private School, we are participating in the annual Junior Achievement competition (JA). This competition provides us with the unique opportunity to compete with international schools and allows us to showcase our skills, entrepreneurial spirit and passion to innovate.  Our company is called Coasty Co. and specialises in the production of coasters with the distinctive ability of heating up your daily hot beverages. Our coasters function with the use of a heating element where the thermal energy is transferred to a metallic plate, thus, heating your favourite mug placed on our coaster. Our coaster is connected to a recycled USB cable, allowing the consumer to use our product in the comfort of their work spaces. During the Trade Fair at the Mall of Cyprus on the 16th March we had the opportunity to showcase our innovative product as well as develop and enhance our entrepreneurial skills. We were encouraged to decorate a stand and act like real professionals trying to sell our product by interacting with various customers and at the same time answering questions from the judges of the organisation. We are in the 10 finalists out of 60 teams Pancyprian.

Chemistry Trip

IMS school visit to Mallia Winery.Our science students visited the KEO Winery in Mallia, accompanied by their chemistry teachers. The students were shown around the plant and the staff explained the essentials of wine making, from harvest to fermentation to bottling. The students also took part in some simple QC analysis performed in the lab on wine samples. We don’t know how many of them were convinced to devote their future careers to the wine-making industry after this elucidating visit, but we definitely know how many of them wanted to try the wine.57840032_574436589632204_147533294848704512_n58443863_612667005903780_5924250512533749760_n58462731_440982173112329_5214250697192636416_n58570690_655201518271324_1513653132033261568_n58691998_621293448342006_5615607372299894784_n58809844_385067085555710_7836559193266978816_n58375549_586400288528088_4223263809130725376_n

The scientists crossword

A crossword hiding names of scientists was created for our students aged 15-18. Their task was to figure out the scientist through the the description given. The descriptions however were not simple. They included facts from physics as well as from real life. The students had to use their knowledge of the subject as well as their imagination to come up with the answer in order to find the scientist hidden and complete the crossword.


When TV meets the classroom

Television show brought to IMS. Rouk -Zouk is a fun television show which requires two teams and a lot of imagination. Due to the exam period coming up, ROUK-ZOUK served as an entertaining way for the students to revise the syllabus and prepare for exams.

How to play:

All students need to bring their headphones and mobile phones. Each team picks a leader.

There are 3 students facing away from the leader, listening to music on their headphones until their classmate taps them on their back to turn. The leader is given a word and he must describe it to the 2nd student in the row. The student will then need to find the answer so that the game can continue. Then, the process is repeated until one minute is passed, meaning students listening to music will be tapped on their back to turn around, listen to the explanation of the word and guess the hidden word. In this way, students are able to revise for their exams and have fun at the same time.

Rules :

They are not allowed to repeat the same words in the explanation.


Learning through screens

Watching a movie is not only fun, but it can also serve as a useful and effective teaching tool. Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking are two very important and popular scientists, whose lives and work have served as inspiration to script writers and directors to create films and documentaries.  Two film days were set for students to watch “The Imitation Game” and “The Theory of Everything”. A follow-up discussion was held in class to test students’ understanding and of course allow them to share opinions, comment and ask relevant questions.

Visit to Cyprus

Γεια σας

How can I explain that the best way to learn is traveling?


We started with the Second Transnational Meeting at IMS. Cyprus team showed  us Institute of Maths and Science. After that all of us shared our different experiences and presented how we worked during last months.

In the afternoon we visited  Limassol Castle,  where we learnt a lot thanks to Maria.


On tuesday, we had the opportunity to visit the town hall, where we learnt  more about Limassol and Cyprus. In this respect, we are really grateful to the mayor of Limassol, Mr Nicos Nicolaides, who received us  and spent time with us talking about Limassol and answering our questions.

After that, we  visited Kurion Archeological Site. These greek ruins are in an amazing place by the sea. Really beautiful!!


Midweek, we had two training meetings at IMS. The first one was about Google Classroom and the second one about Effective Classroom. In fact, we used this time to assess some of the project activities, preparing future activities and also reflecting on how to use eTwinning for the project. Thereafter we visited the entire IMS.


On that sunny Thursday, we visited another awsome place: Leukara. Our wonderful tourist guide, Maria, explained to us the most interesting details about these neolothic remains and the lifestyle developed there. Near to Leukara we visit an Bio Olive Farm, olive oil and wine are very typical from Cyprus. 

To finish, we had a farewell Dinner all together at Nitayia, one of the most tasty restaurants in Limassol. Everybody used the dinner to thank for the warm welcome we have received. 


Our last meeting was celebrated to summarize the week, fix targets and prepare schedule dates for Norway. Later, we journey to Platres, really nice forest path with falls, and a beautiful town, Omodos. We also visited Lambouris Winery where we enjoyed different types of wine. None of them were fighting.

Thank you again Pavlos Pavlides, Athi Demosthenous, Maria Ergatoudi, Margarita Sofokleous and María Soteriou for your hospitality. 

We’re really glad to see all of you there.

Τα λέμε σύντομα

Second transnational meeting

The 2nd transnational mobility took place in Cyprus, were partner countries gathered together to review the work done during the past few months but also to set new targets that will need to be implemented until the next meeting in Norway. Arriving on Sunday the 3rd of March, the partners gathered together for an unofficial meeting, were new member teachers were introduced.

On Monday the 4th of March during the first day of the program each country presented the impact of the project in their schools and teachers had the opportunity to ask question and express their opinions and feelings about the different activities presented. A student from IMS private school had the opportunity to present the entrepreneurial gadget (Coasty) for the Junior Achievement competition that a team of students from our school created. The day ended with an English literature and Physics class, where the partner countries had the chance to see how classes in IMS private school actually operate.  On the second day, the partner countries had a meeting with the mayor of Limassol who talked about the history of the town as well as for our customs and traditions. During the following days the partner teachers had seminars on “Google Classroom” and the “Effective Forms of Teaching”, with qualified teachers from our school. Also, they had the chance to visit various places in Cyprus, such as Curium amphitheatre and villages in Omodos, Lefkara and Platres. Finally, the meeting held on the last day of the mobility, introduced the concept of the e-twinning platform and how it should be used for the Funtastic project. Also, an overview of the project’s targets highlighted the need for more coordinated activity on the project’s bloc. In addition, partners shared their ideas for the forthcoming science fair that will take place in March and April. Summarising the weeks results, we also concluded on the next mobility days in Norway.54520709_266373414285509_7692839722002939904_n