First Transnational​ Meeting

Finally, here we are, all together in Salamanca. The first transnational meeting was about to start, and we were more than ready to catch up and have a really good time working together.

During the week, we have had many activities in which we could know each other pretty well. First of all, we met up in Madrid, and we really had a great time visiting the city. Once in Salamanca, all of us were truly lucky because we had great experiences doing sightseeing and visiting many lessons at the school. In both of them, the Spanish students were the main characters and we had so much fun working together.

Second of all, we had the opportunity to meet with local politicians of the city to explain why FUNTASTIC is so necessary in our educational world.  In addition, we enjoyed the Salamanca style of life.

Finally, and the most important thing, we had a lot of meetings to schedule the FUNTASTIC movement in our classrooms. We focused on our students’ needs in order to empower them and fight against lacking of motivation in the classroom.

It was a great transnational meeting held in Salamanca in October 2018. We had both meetings and a lot of fun. Thank you for being such easy-going people.





Getting ready…

Something amazing is about to happen in Salamanca:


WHO are we? We are five schools  all of us are linked with primary and secondary education. Let us introduce ourselves: Colegio Santísima Trinidad (Spain), Holla 10-årige Skole Ulefoss (Norway), 201st Primary School St Kiril and Metodiy (Bulgaria), TÖÖLÖN ALA- ASTEEN KOULU (Finland), IMS PRIVATE SCHOOL (Cyprus).

WHAT are we going to do? We are going to work together for 2 years in a project named FUNTASTIC: motivation starts here, in which our pupils are the main characters.

WHERE are we going to work? We are going to work in 5 different places: Spain, Cyprus, Norway, Bulgaria, and Finland. Although we are from different parts of Europe, all of us are going to share all our experiences in this FUNTASTIC site.

WHY now? Because all of us have detected lack of motivation in our classroom every day. Why do students like science or history outside schools and hate it in class? We want to change that. So we have decided to work together in order to make classes funnier and easier. Additionally, our main aim is trying to link curricular content to new ways of learning based on playing and having fun.

HOW are we going to do it? Easy, we are going to share new practices and methodologies in this blog with all the people or schools who want to change their way of teaching. We are truly committed to one objective: making education funnier and easier.

WHEN? It is simple…NOW. To start, we have our first transnational meeting next week, in Salamanca, Spain. Do you want to join us?