The wolf is coming!

When we say WOLF the first words that come to our mind are…LONELY, HUNGRY, WILD,TAIL , GRAY, FIERCE, FEAR ,SCARE


But today we had a wonderful book about a rabbit  who runs fast to the deer´s house because the wolf is coming; the deer opens the door fast and shakes hands with the rabbit. The same happens with piglet and little bear. Finally the wolf arrives to his happy surprise … If you want to know more about the end, read it, you will not regret it!

Then we create puppets to tell the story to our friends and family .

(We have read it in spanish , but you can find it in all the languages)

BOOk: ¡Qué llega el lobo! by Émile Jadoul

Complete the sentence

A fun game to tell different stories in a very funny and sometimes silly way. Students sit in a circle and one of them begins a telling a story. Whenever the story teller decides to stop then the person on the right has to continue the story. By the end of the circle students laugh and enjoy themselves and feel comfortable with each other. Of course , as a class we now have inside jokes because of the story we created on the first day of school.

Playing jenga

Jenga is a fun game that requires steady hands and concentration. It was only the first day at school but students had to show some skills. The Jenga game was used as an ice-breaker and since each wooden piece corresponded to a question we got to know each other and have some fun. The students had to answer the question that they picked and ask the same question to one of the other students. If the student failed to keep pull out a Jenga piece without destroying the tower, all the class would have to answer the questions corresponding to the pieces that had fallen.


I join my colleague taveramt and I will share an activity we have done this afternoon in the after school club, attended by preschool children, 3 and 4 years old. We have played Lego Animal Bingo. A wonderful activity so that children explore collaborative play, follow game rules, and take turns as they build the colorful animal models depicted on the game cards. It is also very suitable for working fine motor skills, so necessary.

Of course, we have also built our own inventions …


We are excited to be taking part in #ErasmusDays from October 10-12 in order to share experiences about Erasmus+ and promote our ongoing Erasmus+ project.

Our #ErasmusDays activities are focused on highlighting countries, cultures and languages around Europe. To begin the activities, students took part in a music trivia quiz which involved recognizing the language in different songs. Students were excited to listen to music from different countries and put their own language knowledge to the test.

Continuing with the music theme, many students took part in learning and performing songs in different languages. Our third graders who study French excitedly sang a song called “Ainsi font, font, font” which is about marionettes.

Enthusiastic French students!

Our teacher Leni taught her third grade students “La Cucaracha” with English and Spanish lyrics. Students played instruments, sang and danced.

Third grade students singing, dancing, and playing instruments!

Sixth grade students in an elective international dance class have been working on choreographing dances based on four different dance styles. After their choreography is completed, the students will teach each other the dances.

Sixth grade girls in the beginning phase of working on their choreography.

Continuing with the international theme, sixth graders are able to take part in an elective cooking course in which students prepare snacks or appetizers that are popular in different countries. Each lesson, students first research the food culture in the specific country they are focusing on that week. After the students have completed their research, they add the recipe for the week to their notebooks. Finally — most likely the most anticipated part of the lesson — the students are responsible for thoroughly following the directions of the recipe in order to prepare the food.

Spain was up for this week’s food tour and Janne, the teacher of the course, had decided to have the students prepare pinchos, a popular snack in northern parts of Spain. Students were very interested to learn about the food culture in Spain before being able to make their own pinchos.

There are many fun and exciting events taking place in order to highlight Erasmus+ projects for #ErasmusDays from 10-12 October. You can follow along and find events near you with this link:

The link to Töölö Primary School’s #ErasmusDays event can be found here:

Happy #ErasmusDays 2019!


There is not doubt that the stories play a vital role in the growth and development of children.

The books they read and the characters they get to know can become like friends. Reading also helps children with their confidence levels, coping with feelings and language and learning.

That is why our school offer  every week this wonderful activity .

We read together books , we listen and sing songs related to the story ,we create artworks  and many other activities.

We will tell you know every story we read in our class.





Blog in hand, prepared colours and Chinese ink. Ready, stady…..Go! We start with our sgraffito. We paint squares on the white sheet with our colors and once the sheet is full of color we begin to soak it with Chinese ink. A cat, a mountain, a mosaic… very funny and beautiful figures arise. Do you dare to look for them in the school?


Today is the European Day of Languages and we want to do a fun activity to celebrate it. What better idea than a quiz?
Do you test your skills and encourage yourself to take up the challenge? How many official languages are spoken in Europe? What is the official language of Latvia? In which country are the most languages spoken?
We play in teams and decide which is the right answer. What nerves!