I share a very powerful teaching sequence that I enjoyed this week in one of my Natural Science classes.

We started the lesson listening to BONES SONG. As we have listened to it several times, some students do not pay much attention.

So, we opened the book, and we began to read:
Joints make the skeleton flexible. Joints help us move.
“Does anyone know what JOINTS means.” (I write the word on the board).
“We’re going to listen to the song again, and when the word JOINTS appears, you tell me.”
Now, everyone listens carefully, and we realize when the word appears:
The place where my bones meet is called a joint.
Now we can perfectly understand the sentence
Joints make the skeleton flexible. Joints help us move.

Then we made the following comparison:
What’s the difference between Geyperman and this playmobil? For example, Geyperman can scratch his head. Can a playmobil scratch his head?”
A student answers:
“No, he can´t. Playmobil can’t move and Geyperman can move.”
“Why can Geyperman move?
-” Because he is flexible.
-“Why is he flexible?”
-“ Because he has … (the student pauses for a few second, has a look at the word I wrote on the board and finishes the sentence) … JOINTS.”


Fifth-grade students enjoyed the review in a very entertaining way.

They worked on the contents of theme 2 of Natural Sciences with the material from the LEGO ROOM. Each group has chosen a content: touch, sight, hearing…

They  have represented it and later explained it to their classmates.

It is a way we review together.



It is a long time since we met the well-known MATHEMAGICIAN. Well, the time has come to formally introduce another celebrity from the world of science … It is, none other than Professor Peek-a-Boo, Astrophisics and Astronomy PhD at the University of Mascachuches (Mascachuches in Spanish sounds like “candy chewer”).

In the photographs, you can see him sharing his knowledge with us, using Augmented Reality on this occasion.

It is not the first time that this great professor visits us. On another occasion he told us about the digestive system.

He was also in Salamanca, where he was part of the scientific jury in the First Lego League, a visit that was echoed by the local media.

Murder, They wrote…


“Today a crime has been committed at Colegio Santísima Trinidad. A teacher-in-training program has been murdered. As of yet, nobody knows who can be the murderer but we have many suspicious people. All that we know is that 4º ESO graders are in charge of solving such a cruel murder.

Our students are all a group of very talented people who have learnt a lot of subjects during the year and now is the moment to put them into practice. They are true BIO-DETECTIVES, so they have to figure out what happens and find out the real guilty. To reach their aim -to solve the bloody crime-they only have 50 minutes

We hope to give you more information as soon as possible but this is what we know so far. Our students are truly committed to resolving the murder but will they able to clarify the bloody crime? We will continue to keep you informed as soon as we have updated information.

La Salamanquesa, Daily News.

A BreakoutEDU experience

Today our students of 4º ESO and 1º Bachillerato have enjoyed a BreakoutEDU experience. The main objective of that involves students into a divergent-thinking activity. They need to be able to use contents they have learnt and at the same time, they have to do their best, working as a group and solving different riddles. This is pretty similar to an Escape-Room activity, but instead of giving the chance of each group, all the groups work together in the same place for 50 minutes and they need to follow different clues to achieve their objective.

The first steps are to design the activity and try to link the contents from the curriculum to a great story. In these steps, we would like to thank you for our teacher-in-training program Alba and María from the University of Salamanca. Alba had a great and unique idea, and we all together were able to make it real. After creating the idea, we created the workgroups. They had to be heterogeneous groups because they need to work together and complement each other. Finally, we needed an open space to organize all the clues and all the workplaces.

“We are proud of saying that all the BIO-DETECTIVES groups have arrested the murderer. It is true that there have been groups faster than others, but all of them have achieved their goal. Will they able to solve the next crime? We will continue to keep you informed of the goals of such top-notch investigators and their excellent leaders Alba and María”.

La Salamanquesa, Daily News.


Our school, Santísima Trinidad, is celebrating a solidary week to support a nutritional centre in Mexico.

All classes are supporting and helping in many ways.

Since all the activities held are intended to support the Celaya NUTRITIONAL CENTER, in Mexico, second graders have chosen the dahlia, considered one of the natural symbols of Mexico, to make drawings to decorate the schoolyard. The dahlia was declared in 1963 as a symbol of the National Floriculture of Mexico, and since the year 2008, 4th of August is considered as “the national day of the dahlia.”.

In addition, this flower is a great example of the natural presence of the golden proportion in nature:

This is the video that we used to draw them. If you pay attention, you will realize that the drawing starts from a pentagonal shape, so present in multiple patterns of nature:

In this other video you can discover many interesting things about the golden ratio.

These are some of the dahlias we have drawn.

Sofia Science Festival

Students from the third grade of the 201st Primary School St St Kiril and Metodiy visited the Sofia Science Festival in Sofia Tech Park. There they were able to create luminous 3D cards, make their racing car, make Leonardo’s flying machine and learn how it helped create modern aircraft, as well as curious facts about the discoverer’s life and achievements. They then watched many demonstrations of different fields of science and took part in many interesting experiments. Briefly, they had a rich and exciting day.

Coasty Co.

As students of the IMS Private School, we are participating in the annual Junior Achievement competition (JA). This competition provides us with the unique opportunity to compete with international schools and allows us to showcase our skills, entrepreneurial spirit and passion to innovate.  Our company is called Coasty Co. and specialises in the production of coasters with the distinctive ability of heating up your daily hot beverages. Our coasters function with the use of a heating element where the thermal energy is transferred to a metallic plate, thus, heating your favourite mug placed on our coaster. Our coaster is connected to a recycled USB cable, allowing the consumer to use our product in the comfort of their work spaces. During the Trade Fair at the Mall of Cyprus on the 16th March we had the opportunity to showcase our innovative product as well as develop and enhance our entrepreneurial skills. We were encouraged to decorate a stand and act like real professionals trying to sell our product by interacting with various customers and at the same time answering questions from the judges of the organisation. We are in the 10 finalists out of 60 teams Pancyprian.

Chemistry Trip

IMS school visit to Mallia Winery.Our science students visited the KEO Winery in Mallia, accompanied by their chemistry teachers. The students were shown around the plant and the staff explained the essentials of wine making, from harvest to fermentation to bottling. The students also took part in some simple QC analysis performed in the lab on wine samples. We don’t know how many of them were convinced to devote their future careers to the wine-making industry after this elucidating visit, but we definitely know how many of them wanted to try the wine.57840032_574436589632204_147533294848704512_n58443863_612667005903780_5924250512533749760_n58462731_440982173112329_5214250697192636416_n58570690_655201518271324_1513653132033261568_n58691998_621293448342006_5615607372299894784_n58809844_385067085555710_7836559193266978816_n58375549_586400288528088_4223263809130725376_n