About the Literature Week Project!

Krali Marko

In Bulgarian dramatical existence, a dream was born for an independent and decent life expressed in the images of fictional heroes embodying the most important of our value system. One of these is the legend of Krali Marko, which combines physical strength and high morals, and this becomes an ideal.
In many songs and stories, dedicated to Krali Marko, there is an idealization, a romantic show, bordering on fiction and leading to a legend.
In the image of the Krali Marko, the people embody their bright ideal of heroic personality, whose supernatural qualities pave the way to a free, independent and just life, turning it into a message of good creativity and harmony.

Krali Marko
Krali Marko finds a horse and a bride
When Marko came back, at the end of the town, he got off the white forehead deer and let him go into the forest at Gjurga. He got his sword and then went home. His heart started to beat so hard when he thought whose hand squeezed previously the sword. An old mother went out to meet him at the gate. She asked him.
— Why do you need that scary sword?
— I will go, mother, to defend my brothers from the enemy who is trampling our beautiful land. Touch the ground with your ear and you can hear how our people scream like a little weak eagle whose nest is burning and tries, in vain, to spread his bare wings and escape!
— Our land is wide, Marko. If you walk, you can’t arrive everywhere on time. Where is your horse?
— I haven’t got a horse – thought the young man.
— You shouldn’t be without a horse. Once upon a time, your father had a mare with thin legs. If you see her you will recognize her by the black mark between her eyes. Her eyes are yellow like the autumn leaves in the forest. When your father passed away I left her in the meadows next to the Prespa like. Years have passed since then. She grazed there and never came back. Go to find her. The white mare who has carried your strong father over Macedonia and foreign kingdoms will carry you, too. Go to find her!
Marko turned and walked to Prespa lake where dense green grass grew. He went near the shore of the like and hissed. The mare with thin legs was grazing dewy grass in a deep meadow. When she heard him she raised her head and started to whinny. Beside her, a young stallion with blazing red fur sharpened his ears. Marko tried to catch her by the silver chain but she shivered and threw into the lake. Then Marko caught the foal and looked at him. His eyes were yellow like his mother’s. He climbed on his back, moved forward squeezing tight his furry mane. The foal circled the meadow and streaked off into the lake after his mother. He was swimming and Marko was swimming, too. He sank to the chest in the water. When they passed to the other shore, the young man patted the foal on the back, caressed him on the forehead and told him:
— I will be your master!
Then, like a miracle, the horse spoke in a human voice:
— I am brave but you are stronger than me! Be my master!
— What is your name? – Krali Marko asked him.
— My name is Sharkolia.
— Can you run fast?

To be continued …



As our colleague Nicky Lazarov says, the teachers who were lucky to be part of the 4th Transnational Meeting held in Sofia enjoyed the great work carried out by team Bulgaria in order to organize this meeting. It is also true that we enjoyed teaching students who were really motivated with our visit, (already an unforgettable memory for all of us).

From the team Spain we want to share one of the resources we used in our visit to Bulgaria, since they were very successful with the students, who were 100% involved in the proposed tasks.

This is the link where you can download a booklet with multiple challenges and short activities with sets of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks
in six bright colors: https://www.legofoundation.com/media/1070/sixbricks_ok_print.pdf


After a long trip…

we are welcomed with bread and honey, the symbol of Bulgarian hospitality …

Already in the hall of the school, we see the logo and the motto that join us together; FUNtastic: motivation starts here!

These are the feelings that all the components of this Funtastic project have felt throughout these days: we have felt welcomed and part of the same idea. It is worth the effort and such a long journey to think of new ideas that motivate both teachers and students. A real luck to be part of this project and this wonderful group of teachers.

It is impossible to finish this post without highlighting the generosity of all the students and teachers of this wonderful school: drawings, cards, pens, flowers …

Sofia Science Festival

Students from the third grade of the 201st Primary School St St Kiril and Metodiy visited the Sofia Science Festival in Sofia Tech Park. There they were able to create luminous 3D cards, make their racing car, make Leonardo’s flying machine and learn how it helped create modern aircraft, as well as curious facts about the discoverer’s life and achievements. They then watched many demonstrations of different fields of science and took part in many interesting experiments. Briefly, they had a rich and exciting day.

Europe Day

9 May is Europe Day. Many people know how important is being part of Europe. As European citizens, we are able to collaborate with each other in order to reach peace, cohabitation, and freedom all around the continent. In addition, we have to accept the differences between all the countries and cultures, and we have to take advantage of all of them for our own growth.

European people need to be a model for the rest of the world. We strongly believe in the power of education based on European values for our pupils.

For this reason, we would like to wish you all… HAPPY EUROPE DAY!

A Charity Easter Bazaar in 201st Primary School St St Kiril and Metodiy

Many students, parents and teachers from 201st Primary School St St Kiril and Metodiy joined to the Charity Easter Bazaar, which provides a unique opportunity for pupils and their parents to introduce themselves to the local community. The students raised a lot of money for charity that will be provide to charitable organizations to help people in need.


Using the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 and LEGO® BOOST students from 201st Primary School “St St Kiril and Metodiy” have the opportunity to dive deep into the world of robotics and explore how computer programming and robot design can solve problems. Robotics projects increase creativity, teach pupils to follow directions, and the finished product gives them a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Not only that, but they have a cool toy to play with when the project is complete. This is an excellent way to foster students’ love for science and engineering.

Children’s Science Museum “Muzeiko”

Play is very important to a pupil’s development. That’s why students from 201st Primary School “St St Kiril and Metodiy” often visit The Children’s Science Center Muzeiko, a place that provoke their curiosity and interest in science, technology, ecology and the arts. Through the games, inspiration and experimentation with real, practical situations and objects they become acquainted with the history of the Earth and the ancient civilizations, the achievements of science and the future development of humankind.