Go away, Big Green Monster!

Explaining, in a detailed and orderly way, how are people, animals, places or objects is always very attractive and very motivating for children. Without a doubt, it is a great topic of conversation that allows children to use the foreign language in a very creative way to talk about their own interests. If we add a video like Go Away, Big Green Monster and use it as a model to invent our monsters and later describe them, we can be a hundred per cent sure that we will have provided a wonderful learning center for our students:

The results will be very creative, very original: students will produce texts, oral and written, without any difficulty and in a very enthusiastic and very willingly way.

Red Rabbit, Red Rabbit what do you see?

In the following two posts: living things, non living things and… WILD THINGS! and Classifying animals according to the food they eat; you can find links to most of the resources I have used to teach my year two students to classify animals. To give a more meaningful context for a seven-year-old child we have heard and learned the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see, and we have classified the animals in the story … Then, to use language in a creative way, my students have built their own animals using Lego BINGO ANIMAL and they have invented their own stories, using Brown Bear as a model: Pink snail, pink snail what do you see? I see a red rabbit looking at me … And finally, they have chosen one of the invented animals to describe it, using all the vocabulary we have learned throughout these days: a rabbit is vertebrate, mammal, viviparous. herbivore and diurnal. The children have enjoyed themselves so much that they were eager to describe their animals.


Our students have given meaning to the sentences:



They have created a box with different papers  and written positive- joyful- beautiful messages for each and every one of them.

I’m sure no one goes home today without  a big smile.





Humerus, pelvis, radius, skull, tibia, trapezium, deltoid… These are some of the bones and muscles that  3rd grade have learned in Natural Science.
We have done different activities:
-Drawing our skeleton in our notebook
-Worked the photocopies
-Sang and danced to the song “ALL THOSE BONES”
-Mr. Bones pointed out the bones learned
-We’ve become skeletons
-I learned a song about muscles

With all these activities we are sure that we will never forget everything we have learned about our bodies.



Students in 4th grade  have enjoyed reviewing the  unit of Social Science.

Previously they have made a drawing of one of the contents worked on in the classroom and then the game begins in which they have to walk around the class and when they meet a classmate they show him their drawing by saying the question WHAT DO YOU THINK? They must find out what kind of landscape is reflected on their sheet, and indicate whether it is a coastal  bay, gulf, cape, beach, cliff, island..) or an inland landscape ( mountains, mountain range, hills, plateau, valley…).

There is time, they must get as many of their classmates as they can to guess their drawing.

It is very funny!

Bulgarian version of the continuation of the story of Juan, written by Magdalena Angelova /4th grade/ in English, Spanish and Bulgarian language

20191011_140849 - Copy

Good deed

There was a man, who has a son and a cow. The cow was very beautiful and the son was a little bit silly. The father sent him to sell the cow because they need some money. The name of the son was Huan. He was sorry because he likes the cow very much, but he hasn’t got a choice. When they were in the mountain, the thieves appeared and stole the cow. Huan went after them. He saw that they entered a cave. He stayed behind the bush and waited for the thieves. Half an hour later they went out of the cave and Huan heard that they were going to rob somebody else.

When the thieves went away, Huan went in the cave even though he was afraid. It was very dark and Huan couldn’t see anything. The youth kept going for a long time and he decided to have a rest, but he fell asleep. When he woke up, he realized he is in some kind of a room. But there weren’t any windows, door, furniture. There was a little hole. The boy tried to go to the hole, but he could not pass because his leg was tied up to a stake.

Huan thought the thieves were the ones that did it and eventually he was right. He became sad and sat on the ground. He saw a notе: „If you want to stay alive, you must be our servant to the end of your life. Otherwise – BOOOM!“

The boy was frightened and decided it’s better to be a servant than get himself killed. He knew that it would hurt his father a lot (who was wondering where his son is).

At one moment one of the thieves came in the room (maybe the leader) and asked the youth what had he decided. Huan answered and the thief told him to go to the kitchen to prepare some dinner.

A few months later Huan became very sad for his father and his home. He decided to get away. So, he waited until all the people in the cave fell asleep. He went around the cave and found a room full of money and jewellery. He succeeded to put all the things outside. Without making a noise, he took his cow, the jewellery and went back home. His father was so excited that he did not notice the money and jewellery.

Later Huan told him everything about the thieves, the cave, the money, the jewellery. The man was really surprised.

Next day the father and the son went to the town and gave all the things to the City Hall. After a couple of days, a letter and a few bags arrived at their home. The family received a part of the treasure because of the good deed. The boy and his father were surprised.

The family started to live calmly and happily.

Buena Acción

Había un hombre que tiene un hijo y una vaca. La vaca era muy hermosa y el hijo era un poco tonto. El padre lo envió a vender la vaca porque necesitan algo de dinero. El nombre del hijo era Huan. Lo lamentó porque le gusta mucho la vaca, pero no tiene otra opción. Cuando estaban en la montaña aparecieron los ladrones y robaron la vaca. Huan fue tras ellos. Vio que entraron en una cueva. Se quedó detrás del arbusto y esperó a los ladrones. Media hora después salieron de la cueva y Huan escuchó que iban a robar a alguien más.

Cuando los ladrones se fueron, Huan entró en la cueva a pesar de que tenía miedo. Estaba muy oscuro y Huan no podía ver nada. El joven continuó durante mucho tiempo y decidió descansar, pero se quedó dormido. Cuando despertó se dio cuenta de que estaba en una especie de habitación. Pero no había ventanas, puertas, muebles. Había un pequeño agujero. El niño intentó ir al hoyo, pero no pudo pasar porque tenía la pierna atada a una estaca.

Huan pensó que los ladrones fueron los que lo hicieron y finalmente tuvo razón. Se puso triste y se sentó en el suelo. Él vio una nota: „Si quieres seguir con vida, debes ser nuestro servidor hasta el final de tu vida. De lo contrario, ¡BOOOM!

El niño estaba asustado y decidió que era mejor ser un sirviente que hacerse matar. Sabía que lastimaría mucho a su padre (que se preguntaba dónde está su hijo).

En un momento, uno de los ladrones entró en la habitación (puede ser el líder) y le preguntó al joven qué había decidido. Huan respondió y el ladrón le dijo que fuera a la cocina a preparar la cena.

Unos meses después, Huan se puso muy triste por su padre y su hogar. Decidió alejarse. Entonces, esperó hasta que todas las personas en la cueva se durmieran. Dio la vuelta a la cueva y encontró una habitación llena de dinero y joyas. Logró poner todas las cosas afuera. Sin hacer ruido, tomó su vaca, las joyas y regresó a casa. Su padre estaba tan emocionado que no se dio cuenta del dinero y las joyas.

Más tarde, Huan le contó todo sobre los ladrones, la cueva, el dinero, las joyas. El hombre estaba realmente sorprendido.

Al día siguiente, el padre y el hijo fueron al pueblo y entregaron todas las cosas al Ayuntamiento. Después de un par de días llegaron a su casa una carta y algunas bolsas. La familia recibió una parte del tesoro por la buena acción. El niño y su padre estaban sorprendidos.

La familia comenzó a vivir tranquila y feliz.

Добра постъпка

Имаше мъж, който имаше син и крава. Кравата беше много красива, а синът – малко глупав. Бащата го изпрати да продаде кравата един ден, защото имаха нужда от парите. Хуан, който се наричаше синът му, съжаляваше, защото много обичаше животното, но нямаше друг избор, освен да се подчини. Когато преминаха планина, крадци излязоха и откраднаха кравата. Но той ги последва и ги видя. Проследи ги крадешком и видя, че влизат в някаква пещера. Хуан седеше зад един храст и чакаше крадците да излязат. След около половин час те излязоха от пещерата и момчето ги чу да си говорят, че отиват да ограбят още някой.

Когато се отдалечиха на безопасно място, Хуан влезе в пещерата макар и да го беше страх. Там беше много тъмно и не се виждаше почти нищо. Младежът вървя доста дълго и накрая реши да си почине, обаче неочаквано заспа. Когато Хуан се събуди видя, че е в нещо като стая. В нея нямаше нито прозорци, нито врата, нито мебели, а само едно малко отворче, в което едва- едва можеше да се провре човек. Момчето тръгна към отвора, но не можа да стигне, защото кракът му беше завързан за един кол.

Хуан си помисли, че крадците имат пръст в това и беше прав. Младежът се отчая и седна на земята. Огледа се и видя бележка, на която пишеше: „Момче, ако искаш да останеш жив, ще трябва да ни бъдеш слуга до края на дните си. В противен случай – БУУУМ!“ от крадците

Момчето се изплаши и реши, че е по-добре да им бъде слуга и да е жив, отколкото да го убият. Знаеше, че това ще нарани баща му много, който през цялото време се чудеше защо синът му не се прибира.

По едно време в стаята на момчето влезе един от крадците (най-вероятно главатарят) и попита младежа какво е решил. Хуан отговори и човекът го заведе в кухнята, за да приготви вечеря.

Така мина много време. На Хуан му домъчня за баща му и за родния дом. Той реши да се измъкне и го направи една вечер, когато всички бяха заспали. Момчето обиколи пещерата и откри стая пълна с пари и съкровища. С много труд успя да изкара всичко навън без да събуди крадците. Взе си кравата и с нея се върна в дома си. Баща му се зарадва толкова много, че дори не забеляза чувалите с пари и скъпоценности. Когато се успокои Хуан му разказа цялата история – за крадците, за парите, за съкровищата. Мъжът остана с ококорени очи.

На следващия ден те отидоха в града и предадоха парите и съкровищата на кметството. След няколко дни в къщата им пристигна писмо и няколко чувала. В писмото пишеше, че заради добрата постъпка семейството получава част от богатството. Момчето и бащата бяха очаровани.

От този ден нататък семейството заживя спокойно и щастливо.

Adalmina, the spoiled princess…

Before sharing our creations, I must say that it was difficult to choose … Finally I decided to choose Adalmina because of the values that appear in the story, very appropriate and very suitable for my year two students. Having said that, I will share with you some titles, like the one in this same post. They also invented others such as Adalmina and the heart, Adalmina and the two fairies or Adalmina and the pearl.

Now you can read a few very, very interesting endings, which I have translated trying not to miss any of the spontaneity that children at this age have. Enjoy them.

  1. Suddenly, the princess was no longer so bad, nor so pretty, and she went with her parents to talk for a while and told them that the heart was more useful because she was humble and she  could be nice, good-humored and friendly. She went to her godmothers´  houses and told them that she had lost the pearl.
  2. The princess ran to her room and saw that the room was no longer full of gold. Her father, who was passing by, saw that she did not have the crown and said: You do not have the crown! He was very angry, but since the pearl had been lost, the wish of the blue fairy, which was the humble heart, was fulfilled, and the princess became very good as before and the red fairy asked for forgiveness and said crying: “I shouldn’t have given you that, because you’re already the prettiest for me and you’re already the wisest, and you have a wonderful family; and with those three things you’re already rich.”
  3. And the beauty faded. She was the same as before, she is no longer wise or rich. She got mad at her parents, and went further, to the blue fairy house. And she was happy although she was not the most beautiful. One day she was cleaning the windows and a prince came, and they played together, fell in love and lived together.
  4. Being less beautiful, less wise and less rich, she ran to the castle and asked the blue fairy for the humble heart. And the blue fairy, delighted gave it to her. And her parents not only learnt a lesson, but they learnt many more.

We have also drawn…

…and we have represented the most significant situations in each story we have invented using Lego…


Today has been a great day for us. We have celebrated the 41st anniversary of our current Constitution. As you can see it is not so old, so many teachers and parents remember with emotion how the Spanish people voted a unanimous YES to this Constitution after having gone through 40 years of a military dictatorship. Our students´parents have been the protagonists today telling their chidren about personal experiences of that time. They have specially highlighted  how important this document is as  all our rights and duties as citizens are collected there. We, parents and teachers, wanted to make students aware of the importance of our country being a parliamentary democracy since it wasn´t always like that.

Long live the Constitution!