A long time ago a certain Thales of Miletus already gave us to know the static electricity but it was not until William Gilbert arrived who really got to work with it.
Today we take a balloon, rub it and attract all the papers we find… Can it be a new method to keep our class clean? What fun!

Fable, What can you teach me today?

Moral, moral… What are you going to teach me today? The ant and the crayfish, the hare and the turtle… We read the fable, invent a script, disguise ourselves and go on stage.
We learn many lessons and we are capable of transmitting them. It’s been fun to watch our partners and the fake shots have been even more fun.

Chemistry Trip

IMS school visit to Mallia Winery.Our science students visited the KEO Winery in Mallia, accompanied by their chemistry teachers. The students were shown around the plant and the staff explained the essentials of wine making, from harvest to fermentation to bottling. The students also took part in some simple QC analysis performed in the lab on wine samples. We don’t know how many of them were convinced to devote their future careers to the wine-making industry after this elucidating visit, but we definitely know how many of them wanted to try the wine.57840032_574436589632204_147533294848704512_n58443863_612667005903780_5924250512533749760_n58462731_440982173112329_5214250697192636416_n58570690_655201518271324_1513653132033261568_n58691998_621293448342006_5615607372299894784_n58809844_385067085555710_7836559193266978816_n58375549_586400288528088_4223263809130725376_n


For you, because you’re always by my side, because you haven’t been away for a minute, because you study with me, worry about me, give me the best advice and scold me when you have to. For you, because there is only one mother and today I couldn’t miss the opportunity to express it. I give you this detail elaborated with my own hands, I have put my effort and my affection in elaborating it.

The scientists crossword

A crossword hiding names of scientists was created for our students aged 15-18. Their task was to figure out the scientist through the the description given. The descriptions however were not simple. They included facts from physics as well as from real life. The students had to use their knowledge of the subject as well as their imagination to come up with the answer in order to find the scientist hidden and complete the crossword.


A Charity Easter Bazaar in 201st Primary School St St Kiril and Metodiy

Many students, parents and teachers from 201st Primary School St St Kiril and Metodiy joined to the Charity Easter Bazaar, which provides a unique opportunity for pupils and their parents to introduce themselves to the local community. The students raised a lot of money for charity that will be provide to charitable organizations to help people in need.


Using the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 and LEGO® BOOST students from 201st Primary School “St St Kiril and Metodiy” have the opportunity to dive deep into the world of robotics and explore how computer programming and robot design can solve problems. Robotics projects increase creativity, teach pupils to follow directions, and the finished product gives them a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Not only that, but they have a cool toy to play with when the project is complete. This is an excellent way to foster students’ love for science and engineering.