Tongue twister..

Norwegian language have some special letters : Æ, Ø and Å. At our school we have a lot of refugees, for them norwegian can sound strange and difficult.. A fun way to get a grip of the different sounds is a funny song. The words do not have any meaning, but is kind of a tounge-twister. Do you want to have a go??? Just sing along with us !

Finland’s Erasmus+ Week

Last week was Finland’s pleasure to host our Erasmus+ partner countries through a virtual week of collaboration.

Each day, a partner country had the opportunity to teach virtual lessons to classes at our Erasmus+ schools. Teachers and students also prepared materials about different subjects and about their own country to share, teachers facilitated group conversations between students in different countries, and overall promoted the cooperation of students and teachers internationally.

It was a wonderful experience to see students so engaged and excited to communicate and interact with students and teachers in all partner countries.

Let´s celebrate books.

The 23rd of April it’s Book Day in Spain, as we commemorate the day some outstanding writers like Cervantes and Shakespeare passed away.

To celebrate this day, our students from 6C created some comics of two well-known fairytales: Rumplestiltskin and The 3 little pigs. These two tales show how important is to be honest and hard-working.

We hope you enjoy them!

By Sara Cañibano.

KaMu (Join Us!) Week

The following are snippets from 6C students’ written thoughts about the KaMu week we had in our school.

What we did during KaMu week:

Last week we had an anti-bullying campaign. It was because our school is trying to make sure everyone is kind to one another. The week was called KaMu week. KaMu stands for ‘Kaikki Mukaan’ in Finnish (in English it loosely translates to ‘Join Us’).  

For the week we focused on different ways to be good friends to each other. One of the activities was that we each made a paper hand where we wrote a friendship promise. This was a promise about how we believe we should treat our friends and how our friends should treat us. 

Another one of the activities that we had this week is a kindness tracker that each class had and they gathered points by doing kind acts throughout the week. We also had a kiosk where you could go talk to the school’s social worker and the school psychologist. We also had other activities related to being kind to others. 

Why KaMu week is important:

“Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

One of the best quotes to tell forward. The whole idea of kindness in one sentence. If you want to be treated horribly, then you can probably do whatever you want, but nobody wants to be treated horribly, nobody wants to be bullied, nobody wants to be the one left out. So instead of being the bully, be the friend because that is the way you want to be treated, too. 

 Defending someone getting bullied is one of the best things you can do for anyone. You might get a new great friend for yourself. Kamu-week is supposed to do that. If there are lots of bullies bullying one person, or you are scared to go in between, you should tell the teacher. Bullying people makes people’s self-esteem go lower and lower, up until the point it couldn’t even get worse. No one deserves to get bullied, no matter what. No one is better or worse than you or anyone. Nothing matters, not race, disabilities, nor sexual attraction. Every single person is equal to everyone. Be friendly, not just only during Kamu-week, but always!

A small act of kindness might make someone’s day. Just by giving a little compliment, opening a door or helping someone could be just the little thing someone might need if they are not having a good  day. Show love to people around you with small efforts like helping and  greeting and complimenting others. You can make a difference by giving a small compliment about your classmate’s nice shirt. A small effort from you might make someone’s day. A nice environment at school makes people happy and more open to each other. Without discrimination we aren’t scared to be open or be our true selves. We aren’t sad because we are being treated wrongly. We are happy because we are all treated the same. As people.

Snippets of writing from 6C students’ thoughts about our school’s KaMu Week.

March 3 – Bulgaria Liberation Day

Niagara Falls glowed white, green, and red!
The event was on the occasion of the National Holiday of Bulgaria!

3rd of March a very special day for Bulgaria. On this date, we celebrate the Liberty of the Ottoman yoke. On this day in 1878, the signing of the Treaty of San Stefano established the modern Bulgarian state. Recognized as Bulgarian Liberation Day, March 3rd marks the day that the nation became an autonomous republic. On this day, Bulgaria pays tribute to the Bulgarian volunteers and the Russian, Finnish and Romanian soldiers who, during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, liberated Bulgaria from almost 500 years of Ottoman rule.