Christmas Charity fair

On the last day of school, our students planned a Christmas charity event. They baked cookies and cakes and they also asked teachers and parents to help by bringing more baked goods to sell and raise money for charity. We had a few tables full of cookies, cakes, cupcakes, hot chocolate and our traditional Christmas treats. They were also selling UNICEF products such as pens, Christmas cards, textbooks and diaries, as well as bracelets from ‘Europa Donna’, an organisation that supports women with breast cancer. They managed to raise more than €600 which was donated to families in need and  to the children accommodated in the oncology hospital. On top of that, there was a ruffle for which tickets were sold and prizes were given to the winners. The prizes were provided by both the school and local companies. Below there are pictures of our event. The students danced to Christmas tunes and had a memorable last day before the holidays.