When TV meets the classroom

Television show brought to IMS. Rouk -Zouk is a fun television show which requires two teams and a lot of imagination. Due to the exam period coming up, ROUK-ZOUK served as an entertaining way for the students to revise the syllabus and prepare for exams.

How to play:

All students need to bring their headphones and mobile phones. Each team picks a leader.

There are 3 students facing away from the leader, listening to music on their headphones until their classmate taps them on their back to turn. The leader is given a word and he must describe it to the 2nd student in the row. The student will then need to find the answer so that the game can continue. Then, the process is repeated until one minute is passed, meaning students listening to music will be tapped on their back to turn around, listen to the explanation of the word and guess the hidden word. In this way, students are able to revise for their exams and have fun at the same time.

Rules :

They are not allowed to repeat the same words in the explanation.


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