Coasty Co.

As students of the IMS Private School, we are participating in the annual Junior Achievement competition (JA). This competition provides us with the unique opportunity to compete with international schools and allows us to showcase our skills, entrepreneurial spirit and passion to innovate.  Our company is called Coasty Co. and specialises in the production of coasters with the distinctive ability of heating up your daily hot beverages. Our coasters function with the use of a heating element where the thermal energy is transferred to a metallic plate, thus, heating your favourite mug placed on our coaster. Our coaster is connected to a recycled USB cable, allowing the consumer to use our product in the comfort of their work spaces. During the Trade Fair at the Mall of Cyprus on the 16th March we had the opportunity to showcase our innovative product as well as develop and enhance our entrepreneurial skills. We were encouraged to decorate a stand and act like real professionals trying to sell our product by interacting with various customers and at the same time answering questions from the judges of the organisation. We are in the 10 finalists out of 60 teams Pancyprian.

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