It is known that Maths can be a big deal for many students. Most of them face maths with fear and most of the time that feeling is linked with the lack of success in this area. So it’s time to change and make maths a little bit more attractive. For that reason, during this year, our 3º ESO students have set up a Mathematics blog. To create the blog, the kids have made great work in many different steps. First of all, they attended a training lesson where they were taught how a blog works. The pupils are allowed to edit the blog and the need to post regularly. Then, the students can post posts related to mathematics themes. All the posts and comments need to be regulated by the teacher.

Captura de pantalla 2019-03-16 a las 23.18.54.png

In addition, the pupils have been working either in groups like individually. The main objectives of the blog are:

  • To develop the digital, linguistic and mathematics skills.
  • To empower abilities based on learning to learn.
  • To empower children’s critical skills analyzing advertising campaigns in a mathematic way.
  • To realize that maths are not only calculation and abstract concepts. We can find maths in all the world around us.

During each term, the pupils upload posts following the curricular contents – always guided by the teacher-.

Captura de pantalla 2019-03-16 a las 23.19.31.png

If you want more, click HERE to enjoy how the blog looks like.


Augusto González, Maths Teacher.

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