It’s time to celebrate… C’MON!

During this week, at Santísma Trinidad school, we are celebrating our Feast of the School. This means a lot for all of us because many activities have been organized and we can spend time together. In this celebration, the 1º Bachillerato graders are the principal characters during the week. They have been working truly hard to schedule a lot of activities for all the people in the school. Besides, tomorrow is a huge special day. During the school daytime, we are going to enjoy lots of activities, where all the students at the school have prepared a short activity to show to others in a festival.

One of the thing that defines Colegio Santisima Trinidad is the family spirit. This feeling can be found in all the point of the school and also in any member of the school community. During this week, you will be capable of being part of that feeling if you are close to us, as a part of our family. So, for the people who would like to enjoy it and they are not able to be with us, you can watch the video and know what we are talking about.