Lego Story Starter is a fantastic tool to work oral and written expression with students. They create scenes that they must then explain or interpret orally or in writing. This activity promotes creativity, imagination and also collaborative work which is one of our strengths at school.

This resource can be used at any level and it always gives good results. It is a tremendous luck to have a Lego Room at our school, a legacy of our previous Erasmus + project “CREATING TOMORROW´S SCHOOLS TODAY.!

Here we leave some scenes  created by key Stage 1 secondary students which belong to the first chapter of  ” Lazarillo de Tormes”. We hope you  like them.


Lázaro meets the blind beggar.


He says “good-bye” to his mum and starts his journey with his first master.


He receives his first lesson from the blind man “not to trust anyone.”


This is Lázaro playing one of his tricks to obtain food and drink. He was strongly punished afterwards.


Finally, he avenged the blind beggar and left him alone to start for a new adventure.

By María Soledad González

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