In year 2 Secondary, 13 year-olds, the “pícaro figure” and its masterpiece “Lazarillo de Tormes” is part of the curriculum of the Literature subject. This time the challenge was to show students of their same age in other countries its characteristics and the importance that this 16th century novel  has in the history of spanish literature.

They have created different presentations in which not only you can  get brushstrokes of the work but also have a pretty nice view of our town. The students have used images of monuments  of Salamanca that already existed  at that time. They have included the music of the  time as well, very much influenced by the Arabs where “flamenco comes from”.

Power point production: Lazarillo

 The activity has been carried out  in the Spanish and English classes. I hope you enjoy the final product.


Written by Mª Soledad González.

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