Introducing my T-shirt

We spent more than 4 years together in the school. However, we didn’t meet to each other yet.

In order to know more about our mates, we create these T-shirts showing:

Our names, best qualities and qualities to improve, a brand that define us and also one sentence that define us.

Now we are a little bit closer, we are ready to start the 4th grade of primary.


Transnational meetings are a brilliant context to share resources and propose ideas and dynamics that we can all use later in our schools. Today, I share one of the ideas Professor Else Ljungstrøm, from holla-10-arige-skole, Norway  shared with all of us during our THIRD TRANSNATIONAL MEETING.

It is very simple.  You just write in popsicle sticks the mathematical operations that must be practiced. Then, in turn, each student chooses a stick, and if he solves the operation, he wins the stick. 

However, you have to be careful, because some of the sticks are bombs instead of mathematical operations… If you get one of these sticks: KATABOOM! You have to start over.

Visit to Cyprus

Γεια σας

How can I explain that the best way to learn is traveling?


We started with the Second Transnational Meeting at IMS. Cyprus team showed  us Institute of Maths and Science. After that all of us shared our different experiences and presented how we worked during last months.

In the afternoon we visited  Limassol Castle,  where we learnt a lot thanks to Maria.


On tuesday, we had the opportunity to visit the town hall, where we learnt  more about Limassol and Cyprus. In this respect, we are really grateful to the mayor of Limassol, Mr Nicos Nicolaides, who received us  and spent time with us talking about Limassol and answering our questions.

After that, we  visited Kurion Archeological Site. These greek ruins are in an amazing place by the sea. Really beautiful!!


Midweek, we had two training meetings at IMS. The first one was about Google Classroom and the second one about Effective Classroom. In fact, we used this time to assess some of the project activities, preparing future activities and also reflecting on how to use eTwinning for the project. Thereafter we visited the entire IMS.


On that sunny Thursday, we visited another awsome place: Leukara. Our wonderful tourist guide, Maria, explained to us the most interesting details about these neolothic remains and the lifestyle developed there. Near to Leukara we visit an Bio Olive Farm, olive oil and wine are very typical from Cyprus. 

To finish, we had a farewell Dinner all together at Nitayia, one of the most tasty restaurants in Limassol. Everybody used the dinner to thank for the warm welcome we have received. 


Our last meeting was celebrated to summarize the week, fix targets and prepare schedule dates for Norway. Later, we journey to Platres, really nice forest path with falls, and a beautiful town, Omodos. We also visited Lambouris Winery where we enjoyed different types of wine. None of them were fighting.

Thank you again Pavlos Pavlides, Athi Demosthenous, Maria Ergatoudi, Margarita Sofokleous and María Soteriou for your hospitality. 

We’re really glad to see all of you there.

Τα λέμε σύντομα