Matter, Mass, Volume, Density…

4th Year Primary students have discovered how to measure the volume of solids. At the beginning they thought it was imposible to measure solids volume in milliliters, but then they enjoyed a lot measuring the volume of their school material and other interesting things.

We can see “invisible” things!

4th year Primary School students were excited to see so many “invisible” things! We used a microscope to see some living things we had never seen before, such us microscopic insects, protozoans, bacteria. human, animal and plant cells and tissues, tiny parts of living things… the discovery of another world!

Healthy diet and recycling

Our 4th year primary students took part in a very interesting workshop. The aim was to develop in the students important daily habits such as eating healthy and recycle (or much better, stop buying food wrapped in plastic so that there is no need to recycle it and, of course, we don’t damage our environment so much).

Children were divided into groups to carry out cooperative work. Each group had to buy food in the supermarket taking into account the number of family members and the number of meals to cover. Those who respected the food pyramid and bought healthy food for all family members were the winners.

Later, they were taught the different recycling containers and the type of materials they can throw in each container. They learnt that it is important to recycle, but it is much more important no having to recycle avoiding buying plastic wrappings.