We are excited to be taking part in #ErasmusDays from October 10-12 in order to share experiences about Erasmus+ and promote our ongoing Erasmus+ project.

Our #ErasmusDays activities are focused on highlighting countries, cultures and languages around Europe. To begin the activities, students took part in a music trivia quiz which involved recognizing the language in different songs. Students were excited to listen to music from different countries and put their own language knowledge to the test.

Continuing with the music theme, many students took part in learning and performing songs in different languages. Our third graders who study French excitedly sang a song called “Ainsi font, font, font” which is about marionettes.

Enthusiastic French students!

Our teacher Leni taught her third grade students “La Cucaracha” with English and Spanish lyrics. Students played instruments, sang and danced.

Third grade students singing, dancing, and playing instruments!

Sixth grade students in an elective international dance class have been working on choreographing dances based on four different dance styles. After their choreography is completed, the students will teach each other the dances.

Sixth grade girls in the beginning phase of working on their choreography.

Continuing with the international theme, sixth graders are able to take part in an elective cooking course in which students prepare snacks or appetizers that are popular in different countries. Each lesson, students first research the food culture in the specific country they are focusing on that week. After the students have completed their research, they add the recipe for the week to their notebooks. Finally — most likely the most anticipated part of the lesson — the students are responsible for thoroughly following the directions of the recipe in order to prepare the food.

Spain was up for this week’s food tour and Janne, the teacher of the course, had decided to have the students prepare pinchos, a popular snack in northern parts of Spain. Students were very interested to learn about the food culture in Spain before being able to make their own pinchos.

There are many fun and exciting events taking place in order to highlight Erasmus+ projects for #ErasmusDays from 10-12 October. You can follow along and find events near you with this link: https://www.erasmusdays.eu/

The link to Töölö Primary School’s #ErasmusDays event can be found here: https://www.erasmusdays.eu/event/funtastic-in-finland/

Happy #ErasmusDays 2019!

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