Back to School…

…but still making time to enjoy being outside.

It is already our second full week back at school in Helsinki and the students and teachers are easing into the routines and activities of school life.

The most excited students are most likely our new first graders who have taken the first days of the school year to familiarize themselves with the school, their new classmates, and their teachers. As we have been fortunate enough to have lovely weather continue in Helsinki, teachers and students have been able to spend time outdoors. Our principal, Paula, led a school year kick-off in the yard that welcomed our first graders to school as their ‘big brothers’ and ‘big sisters’ presented them their very first ABC school book. Our 6C teacher, Hanna, led a “dance recess” during which she taught a choreographed dance and all students were able to dance along with Hanna in the school yard. In addition, many teachers have used outside spaces for lessons and activities and some teachers have taken their classes on field trips like fishing and familiarizing themselves with the nature that is very easily accessible in Helsinki.

First graders playing and exploring in a nearby park.
Fishing was a fun way for second graders to spend the day outside!

Yes, school might be back in session, but we believe that there is so much that we can learn and teach in the nature around us. And we here at Töölö are happy to make every last warm-weather-moment count.

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