Escape Room & Breakout EDU: It’ s time for something different.

Yes, Escape Rooms are here to stay: divergent thinking help kids to develop critical thinking while they’re having a great time. It is undeniable that this way of learning by playing has many positive aspects that deserve to be taken into account. All the students need to practice teamwork, time management, problem-solving, focus under pressure, and respect, while they are learning.

On the other hand, sometimes a teacher can feel overwhelmed when he or she is trying to perform something like that. Schedule an Escape room activity and adjust it in the curriculum sometimes could look like an impossible task. One of the hardest points is to deal with is the groups and the time and space management. You need to adapt a lesson for 6 or 7 groups in a limited space and solving the problems from each group simultaneously. To be honest, adapting the lesson from the curriculum to the Escape experience is the funniest point, but manage all group problems at the same time in just 50 minutes can be taught – most of the time we are just one teacher with 20 or 25 kids around. Solving this problem can be easy if you count on with an assistant or another teacher. In addition, you can do it online using electronic devices to move along the escape game.

There is another option that allows teachers to jump into divergent thinking ways of teaching and learning: Breakout EDU.  It will take you a lot of time to adapt it – from the curriculum point of view – but, from my point of view, it is easier to manage than the Escape Room activity: each group work on its own space and it takes their own time to solve the problems.  From my own experience, this activity can be better to control all the groups at the same time, especially if you are a teacher alone during the activity.

If you want to enjoy and look over a Breakout EDU experience, you can click on the post Murder, They wrote…

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