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We are sure that you, as a teacher or as a student has counted on Google many times to look for information on the net or to make a research. But, have you wondered how many possibilities Google can offer you from an educational point of view? If you have a Gmail account and you want to get lost along with the Google world, have a look at this post and enjoy all the choices Google can bring you.


Gmail: the international service for e-mailing.

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When you open a Google account, you have automatically a Gmail account and a Gmail address. Gmail is a service for sending emails to others in a quick and easy way. If you don’t try yet, do not hesitate, open an account and enjoy all the possibilities.


Google Drive: cloud on.

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One of the huge problems of our TIC devices is the storage available. When we create documents they take up a place that many times is difficult to manage. In addition, our device may not have enough storage to handle all the docs we created for working. Google Drive can help you to deal with these problems. This tool gives you extra storage (15GB maximum) to drop off all your documents. It could be very useful to keep documents you want to erase in your laptop to create a backup of your storage. Meanwhile, Drive give you the choice to share files to others from your Drive space. 


Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides.

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As you can imagine such a huge platform as Google cannot quit without give you the possibilities for making files online. Inside this possibility, we would like to highlight Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. These three apps give you the choice for creating different kinds of files. Google Docs, is the text editor. It helps you to created documents as a Microsoft Word format online. Also, you can download it as a word editor on your device. If you have a word editor on Google, Google sheet is the spreadsheet. So if you are able to manage a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you won’t have any problem with Google Sheet. Finally, the choice for a presentation editor is Google Slide. It is pretty similar to Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote, the only difference is that you only need a Google account to gain access.

Once we have explained all the possibilities with those Google gadgets, you would probably ask one simple question: where do I store all the files I have just created? The answer would appear as quickly as the question. If you create all these documents online the place where all of them are saved is Google Drive —and you don’t have to worry about the save option, because it is automatically—  Additionally, all these gadgets can give you the choice to collaborate with partners. For instance, if you want to create a Google Slide with your work team, you can invite others to collaborate in your presentation just invite them by mailing them.

Google Classroom.

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Google Classroom is one of the most interesting options Google could bring you as a teacher. With this gadget, you can create an online classroom in which you can interact directly with other users. You can access it as a student or as a teacher. If you jump into Google Classroom as a student, the organizer would have brought you access before. Once you are inside the classroom, you will able to interact with others as much as the organizer would like. The truly interesting idea of Google Classroom is being the owner of the classroom, the organizer. This idea will give you as a teacher many possibilities, as you can imagine. First of all, you as the owner of the classroom decide who has to be inside the class or not, you are de moderator. Additionally, you can create your classroom as you like or as it works better thinking about your audience. Google Classroom brings you the possibility to drop content on your class, create tasks, tests, links to youtube videos…Finally, and one of the highlights of the gadget is the easy way to keep feedback between students and teachers.

As you can see, Google Classroom can be the best choice for online learning and teaching. All the files you create in your classroom will be saved freely and automatically in your Google Drive storage.

Other gadgets: Youtube, Google Earth, Blogger, Hangouts…

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It is true that talking about Google, you focus mostly on all the gadgets on education. Basically, the most important point of all this Google World is the number of possibilities you have with also create a Google Account.

To sum up and after reading this Google basic guidepost, we truly recommend jumping into Google Universe, creating a Google account -if you don’t have any yet —and unfolding the Google menu to enjoy all the possibilities Google can bring you – look at the images below–.


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