Verb conjugation race

This task is a fun way to practice how to spell and conjugate different Spanish (or other languages) verbs.

First, I make (or print) the letters needed to conjugate the word. In Spanish all verbs are conjugated differently according to which person is acting. Almost like in English: I am, you are, he/she/it is… (Because of this all Spanish verbs can be used without personal pronouns).

  • The verb SER = to be, is conjugated like this:
  • SOY – I am
  • ERES – You are
  • ES – He/she is
  • SOMOS – We are
  • SOIS – You are
  • SON – They are

The students are told to repeat how to conjugate the verb, or they are allowed to bring their books to have a look.

Then I divide the students into groups, usually three persons per group, and they are given all the letters.

They choose themselves how they want to put the letters out on their desks. Some put all the letters out one by one, and some put the same letters on top of each other.

I want the students to conjugate and spell the word I say correctly, so they have to put the letters in front of me om my desk. They also have to do it quickly to get a full score. Two points if it is correct and you are the first group. One point for each of the other groups doing it correctly, and zero points if it is misspelled or the wrong conjugation.

I loudly say the verb conjugated in Norwegian, for instance “Vi er” (We are) and the students race to be the first group to get the correct word in place.

Then, when the word is finished I write the points on the blackboard. All conjugations can be repeated, so you decide when it is enough.

The students think it is a fun way to learn how to conjugate, and it is a good way to break up lessons.

Written by Kristin R.S.


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