Culture in the FL classroom: Happy Easter! Frohe Ostern!

Easter is long gone, I know – as is Easter break. It’s back to school for everybody, back to good old routine…. As you may know, the celebration of the Easter Week is an important moment here in Spain. Countless processions have taken place all over the country, while we have been indulging ourselves with special dishes characteristic of Spanish cuisine. But how do people in other countries celebrate Easter?

On this occasion students found out more about Easter traditions related to German-speaking countries. From Year 5 up to Year 8, every class was assigned a different task in order to create the colourful decoration you can see in the photos.

The decoration of the Easter tree, an absolute must in any German household, was created by Year 5 students. Year 6 was charged with writing the Easter greeting, both in Spanish and in German, as well as with making some paper daffodils.

Year 7 and 8 did an activity on traditions and folklore that are paramount to the celebration of Easter in Germany. Each group was given a picture about a specific tradition which had to be matched with 3 suitable text passages. Finally, each text received a title in bilingual version Spanish – German. Texts and pictures were made into two huge banners to complement the decoration of our school’s entrance hall.

By: Lucía Rodríguez Cuenca

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