Myk mandag: Soft Monday

I hope you are all having a good Monday so far. Year 5 at Holla 10-årige Skole starts their day with «Soft Monday». Which means that they start their school day with being mindful. When the students arrive in the classroom, they know that they are going to spend 10-15 minutes, focusing on breathing, feelings, and acceptance.

When the students go into the classroom, they know what is happening right away.

The teacher lets the students breathe and focus on their own being, before focusing on schoolwork.

The student sits at his/her chair and focuses on their breathing. When the students are calm, they find a place in the classroom where they lay down.

The students are spread around in the classroom, laying on their backs.

Every week the teacher has a focus area, for instance, this Monday the focus was “self-love”, and last time it was “grateful for being”. As the students lay down on the floor, they focus on breathing, but after a while, the teacher tells them things to become more aware of feelings that are entering the body when they relax. The main point for the students is to make them accept how they feel and become more aware of their own being in that very moment. We have also focues on how breathing can loosen up ‘the knots’ they might have in their body.

The student’s response has been positive so far. In the beginning, some students didn’t understand the purpose of being mindful, but they have realized after some time that being mindful takes time to practice.

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