A few days ago, our colleagues from Töölö Primary School shared many ideas that have led many professors of our school to share experiences closely related to this line of work. The following activity is a good example.

Interiority refers to the deepest dimension of the human being: it gives meaning to life, it is present in every person, regardless of their beliefs, culture or personal or social situation.


Interiority is the ability to recognize oneself from inside and to relate from every one´s essence in order to find a personal balance. This, in addition, has a positive impact on others, on the environment and on society.

Interiority is the opposite to dispersion (not to exteriority). It is the discovery of a deep reality. In the human being, this reality   is expressed in many different ways and it needs to be educated and trained as an essential and substantial dimension .

The students in the first year of kindergaten  have enjoyed a session of Interiority. The objective of this session was to discover that flowers are living beings and they move, although we can not see them with the naked eye: it is important for students  to perceive the life that surrounds them. 

To educate interiority is to teach our children and young people that what they live and what they are is controlled by their inner experience.

interioridad 2

 by the team of kindergarten teachers

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