Testing blood serum.

Our oldest students at 2nd Bachillerato, are truly aware of their future next year. They need to decide what and where they are going to study. Also, they are quite busy with all the subjects they need to prepare in order to jump into University, next year.

Having said that, it is also very important that they were able to see what is the application of the contents they have studied at the high school. For that reason, in the Biology lessons, we work very close to the Biology department at the University of Salamanca. From time to time, we go to the university to enjoy practical lessons about what we have learned in the theoretical lessons.

This time, we did a training about how we can test blood to identify diseases. In fact, we tested dog blood in order to detect if there is a parasite being in the animal.

During the whole lesson, the students were in contact with a research lab at University. We were able to find out how a researcher works and how important is making the research work in order to make our life easier and safer. Additionally, they learned the most common techniques and the most useful gadgets in a lab.


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