Bonfire without footprints

Year 5 at Holla 10-årige skole had a different P.E-class last week.

The plan for the lesson was for the students to make three different types of bonfire and to leave the area without a ‘footprint’.

We met up at school, and everyone were prepared for a day outside. The school has its own shelter in Ulefoss that everyone can use after schooltime. They must bring their own wood logs.

The shelter is used for storing wood logs.

Packing list:

  • food for the bonfire
  • cold and hot drinks
  • clothes for cold weather
  • something to sit on (seat pads)

Three types of bonfire:

  1. Pagoda: long lasting bonfire.
  2. Pyramide: a small bonfire, not lasting very long, but it heats well.
  3. star: a ‘quick’ bonfire where the purpose is to heat food/drinks.

At the end of the day, the students had to tidy the place. When the next class arrives, they won’t be able to see that anyone has been there before them.

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