Would you show us how to ask for forgiveness?

As a part of our Educational Project, at Colegio Santisima Trinidad we are truly committed to Interiority of our students. We believe that empowering inner aspects of the students helps them to learn how to react in many situations of their lives. Also, in these sessions, we learn how to control mindful breath and how to control all our emotions, from an inner and calmer point of view. As Töölö Primary School did, click on the link, we replicate mindful activities in our lessons with the aim of being kind and taking care of our minds.

In this post, we share an experience of an activity which is part of the Interiority plan we follow at the school. This lesson was focused on the importance of asking for forgiveness from a second grader’s kids point of view:

Sometimes  grown-ups ask children that they do not do themselves. It is easy to ask us to share our toys with other kids. As if they would share their precious smartphone with the first stranger they bump into on the street. Or even if this unknown person takes the phone without permission, can you imagine?

Asking for forgiveness is as complicated as lending somebody your favorite toy. Our vision of the world is limited and it is very focused on ourselves. It is what you, grown-ups call egocentrism. We are not able to put ourselves in somebody’s shoes, -it is called empathy by you, grown-ups. For these two reasons, it is very difficult to apologise or even regret. 

However, knowing how to ask for forgiveness would make us feel better since we  would reconcile with the person we have failed. It is something that will we need in the future, for our relationships with other people. Asking to be forgiven is a way to show love and it is essential that we learn from you, “grown-ups,” how to do it: you  will be educating our hearts.

Captura de pantalla 2019-04-06 a las 18.12.22

Setting an example is always the best way for us to learn. For that reason, we have thought of actions  to reconcile our partners, such as hugs, smile, high-fives, and hands slapping…; and we have been practicing all of them, it was great. We suggest you practice always you have the chance. It´s pretty cool.

Written by Maide.

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