Chit-chatting school material

On this occasion, Year 5 students turned their school material into a special kind of puppets in order to create dialogues in German. Books, scissors and pencil cases came to life and chatted away happily asking each other questions about names, age and hometown…

Videotaping dialogues is possibly one of the most valuable resources in the classroom because it implies a lot of different learning processes. For this activity in particular, students (in groups of three or pairs) had to write down, practice and learn by heart their dialogues. As always, special attention was paid to pronunciation and intonation. Creativity took on the design of a set of eyes that would turn the different school items into the talkative and lively fellows you can see in the videos.

Students put time and effort into the activity to create videos they could be proud of. The aim, though, was not to attain flawless perfection. Having fun and learning was the main goal – and that was definitely achieved.

By: Lucía Rodríguez Cuenca

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