Talking to 7 year-old children about reproduction is a very interesting (and challenging) topic. Most children do not understand it very well, and when it comes to plants, even less. They are able to repeat that ” oviparous animals are born from an egg”, and ” viviparous animals are born from the belly of their mother …;” but if the teacher goes deeper into the question, he discovers that practically none of them knows what happens so that there is a baby animal inside his mother’s belly. Well, with regards to plants, everything gets even more difficult. They all know that plants grow out a seed, but they are completely unaware of the process that takes place for a plant to produce seeds.

I share some materials that I have used throughout these days to help them understand a complex but interesting topic. First, based on their previous knowledge (that plants grow out a seed) , we have seen the following video:

Later, to connect with the part of the process that they do not know, we have talked about pollination:

Finally, to reinforce learning and connect all phases of the process with each other, we have gone to the lego classroom, where students have built models trying to represent the complete cycle in the life of a flowering plant.

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