Second transnational meeting

The 2nd transnational mobility took place in Cyprus, were partner countries gathered together to review the work done during the past few months but also to set new targets that will need to be implemented until the next meeting in Norway. Arriving on Sunday the 3rd of March, the partners gathered together for an unofficial meeting, were new member teachers were introduced.

On Monday the 4th of March during the first day of the program each country presented the impact of the project in their schools and teachers had the opportunity to ask question and express their opinions and feelings about the different activities presented. A student from IMS private school had the opportunity to present the entrepreneurial gadget (Coasty) for the Junior Achievement competition that a team of students from our school created. The day ended with an English literature and Physics class, where the partner countries had the chance to see how classes in IMS private school actually operate.  On the second day, the partner countries had a meeting with the mayor of Limassol who talked about the history of the town as well as for our customs and traditions. During the following days the partner teachers had seminars on “Google Classroom” and the “Effective Forms of Teaching”, with qualified teachers from our school. Also, they had the chance to visit various places in Cyprus, such as Curium amphitheatre and villages in Omodos, Lefkara and Platres. Finally, the meeting held on the last day of the mobility, introduced the concept of the e-twinning platform and how it should be used for the Funtastic project. Also, an overview of the project’s targets highlighted the need for more coordinated activity on the project’s bloc. In addition, partners shared their ideas for the forthcoming science fair that will take place in March and April. Summarising the weeks results, we also concluded on the next mobility days in Norway.54520709_266373414285509_7692839722002939904_n

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