Mathematics made fun

Teachers are often looking for ways to make teaching fun! Mathematics can be a subject that, with some tips and tricks, can be more exciting for teachers and students.

In Töölö Elementary School many teachers have been motivated to get creative with teaching mathematics. The pictures below show a few wonderful math ideas that our teacher Katariina often implements with her third grade students.

Katariina has emphasised cooperative and peer-supported learning as well as a functional approach to math that focuses on concrete examples. Students often work in pairs or groups in order to help each other and learn together.

Using place value blocks outside.

In the above picture, a student uses place value blocks in order to match the written number with the number of the place value blocks. Students worked in groups in order to practice using the place value blocks. One student wrote a number (this time with chalk outside!) and another student used the place value blocks to match the written number. The student placed the place value blocks next to the written numbers as a way to show and recognize that they have the same value .

An easy way to make multiplication tables practice more fun: Katariina used an old puzzle to create a multiplication game. The cardboard base has multiplication equations while the puzzle pieces have the product. For example, the student working on the puzzle in the picture above has the equation 8×6 uncovered and in the picture the puzzle piece 48 fits the puzzle over the equation.

Students are challenged to not look at the picture of the puzzle while they are practicing their multiplication! 🙂

Bee-Bots and coding

Bee-Bots and coding have been popular with students in many grades. Katariina made a path made of tape on floor. Students then used their coding skills in order to try to get their Bee-Bots to the end of the path.


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