Getting ready for Cyprus

After our first meeting in Salamanca, the FUNTASTIC coordination team is about to catch up with again one another. It has been a while since we first met in Salamanca. Since this time, we have been able to make new activities based on FUNTASTIC philosophy in each school. We have made real an international Literature Fair, indeed.

To implement the ongoing of the project is time to talk about the next steps.  It is time to develop the next objectives: to make challenging activities,  to evaluate what we have done and even to reconsider creating new activities -in order to take advantage of the new pupils needs-.  As you can imagine, to make FUNTASTIC real, all the schools involved need to be in contact frequently, being aware of new methodologies to empower students motivation.

For that reason, we are glad to say that we are going to celebrate our second transnational meeting, in Limassol, Cyprus… and we are truly excited

Captura de pantalla 2019-03-02 a las 11.48.30.png

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