Avis-release: a newspaper release party at Holla 10-årige

On Friday 15th of February, year 5 released their latest project: a newspaper filled with interviews and reader’s letters.


We invited parents, grandparents and siblings to our newspaper release. Year 5 consists of 29 students, you can imagine how full the classroom was, when there were 60 people inside the classroom. Let’s just say…it was packed!

Since the start of January the students have worked on:

  • how to write a reader’s letter. Their opinions must be heard!
  • how to write and do an interview
  • create a comic strip on http://www.pixton.com

The students worked systematically. The project went on like this:

  • Week 2: introduction to the newspaper project. First focus: how to set up a reader’s letter.
  • Week 3: First editorial meeting. The students chose a topic to write about. Continued working on their own reader’s letter in class and at home.
  • Week 4: Second focus: interview. How to write an interview, and what was expected from their texts. Writing frame and model texts were given to the students.
  • Week 5: The students did research on their topics, planned who and where they were going to interview ‘their’ person for the topic.
  • Week 6: Not much time to work on their interviews because of winter activites during the week. Second and last editorial meeting. What was left to do before the newspaper release?
  • Week 7: The students had to finish their interviews and send it to the teacher. The newspaper release-party was on the last day of school before winter break.

Our headmaster, Anne was at the release party. She also had the pleasure of talking about the Funtastic project to the parents, telling them that some teachers are going to Cyprus next week. In May we are looking forward to meeting both european teachers and Finish students at Holla 10-årige skole.

On Thursdays, Ulefoss’s local newspaper is released. Today, our newspaper project was mentioned in the latest newspaper. Exciting day for our students!

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