Some time ago I shared post about drawing as an expression tool for children. I now share an activity where music influences the drawings made by children.

Let´s start.

We hand out a piece of paper to each child.

Before starting to draw: it is important that the students know that they will only start a picture, but other children will  continue and finish it. The teacher plays some music, then we must wait for the music to have an effect upon us: the mood, memories, evocations, images … It is time to start drawing. You can lower the volume of the music down until it stops playing. We continue drawing  for about four or five minutes and then we stop. We drop the pencils and the crayons. We pass the drawing to another student and receive the drawing of another. We wait for a new type of music to sound, we wait again for it to have effect upon us, etc. We repeat three, four times the same procedure. For this session, I have chosen melancholic music, then christmas music, comic music and finally suspense music.



It is surprising to see how music truly exerts an influence and produces images and feelings; reactions to the different types of music, gestures, body movement … Children let themselves be imbued by the music and release their feelings. For example, several students drew a mother singing a lullaby when they listened to melancholic music.


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