“The day of letters”

Education is the most powerful weapon for the humankind. A certain number of people is lucky enough to be educated without any difficulties or obstacles. Some others though, must work to make ends meet, some others struggle to survive life in a war zone, and others they live in remote or undeveloped areas. Regardless to any living conditions all  people have a right to education. Those less fortunate probably appreciate education and literacy a lot more than the people who have had access to education. Sometimes teenagers complain that they have a lot of homework or they are bored of school and that they would prefer to stay at home or enjoy their day somewhere else. There are those children though, who are given a textbook, or a pencil and they are very happy that they will learn how to read and write. On the 31st of January Cyprus  celebrates ‘The day of letters’ and on that very day people celebrate and honor the right to education. The international day of education was celebrated on the 24th of January, so the IMS students and teachers decided to organise a book fair. Students and teachers cooperated for this event which consisted of donated books which were sold for €2 each. This was a charity event and the money raised from the fair went to the children in Kenya to fund school supplies. That was a great idea in order to help children to learn something new, as well as share our own knowledge by donating the books we read, so other people can read them as well. We always need to remind ourselves and the people around us that education is everyone’s right, and that we should never be deprived of our right to literacy and enlightenment.

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