I always read this story by Shel Silverstein to my year two pupils when I teach about plants.

the giving tree_

My way of talking about plants is a little special. I tell them that plants are the most important living things on the planet, without plants life would not exist. Plants do not need other living things in order to live. They do not eat other beings. Plants are the only living things able to make their own food. For this reason, the rest of living things depend on them. The strategy that plants use to reproduce and ensure their existence, is also very beautiful and very generous again. With their colorful and fragrant flowers they attract the attention of insects and give them nectar and pollen. In this way, insects pollinate the plants, and fruits are born. Fruits either fall to the ground or other living things catch them and eat them, spreading the seeds of the plant so that new ones are born…So reading this story is my little tribute to the plants and a way to contribute to stimulate the awereness of my students regarding this issue. I hope you like it. The narrator in the video is the author himself, Shel Silverstein: