A researcher​ has visited us today #11February

As you know, at school, all of us are truly concerned about the International day of women and girls in science, the last 11 February. For that reason,  the University of Salamanca has organized many activities around this topic. Therefore, the students -during this week- are enjoying many activities in which the can verify how important have been women in STEM fields.

One of these activities, took place this morning for 3º ESO (15 years old) students. All of them have enjoyed a talked, which was based on the women role in Science, in human history.  The lecture has been given by one of the most well-known references in the city, and one of the most popular science divulgation speaker in Spain, Conchi Lillo.


Conchi Lillo


Conchi has shown us, the most important women in science, mathematics, engeniereing..  Also, she -as a researcher- has talked about her work in the lab.  With this lecture, the students have had the opportunity to appreciate the importance of women role in Science, and overthrow stereotypes against women in STEM fields.




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