living things,non-living things and… WILD THINGS!

It is time to use creatively all the information and vocabulary we have learned throughout this unit …

I randomly handed out our Schleich animals among my students. Next, they wrote a detailed description of the animal, saying if it was vertebrate or invertebrate; reptile, mammal, amphibian, bird, fish; carnivore, herbivore or omnivore…,  and made a small drawing.

When they finished, I put all the animals into into my top hat, so that they could not see them; and I described the animals for them to guess… It was a really good practice.

To include a surprise element and just for fun, I introduced among the animals a WILD THING!!!


Some students thought I was describing a platypus!

Well, it was the perfect excuse to introduce the wonderful story by Maurice Sendak: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE…

We watched the movie trailer:

And then, of course, we read the story:



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