Fun at school? Why not?. Some of the most popular programmes of the Spanish TV are Game Shows.. One of them, which has been on TV for a long time , is called “Pasa Palabra” and precisely that is what it is about: words = palabras. My students of the Spanish language reinforcement class have enjoyed doing this activity based on such programme. Of course, they have only resembled the final part “El Rosco Final or The final donut”( see the shape), which is the most difficult and exciting  part in which contestants can also win a good prize.

pasapalabra (5)

But … what does this have to do with the language class? Well, the game consists on  guessing the anwer: just a single word, to a  given definition. There are as many definitions as letters in the Spanish alphabet and the answers must contain or start with them. In this activity, students must write the definitions without using a dictionary  and making things difficult for the opponent, therefore they try hard to do well.

pasapalabra (2)


All the letters of the “rosco” are originally blue but they turn green when the answer is correct or red when it is wrong. However, the contestants can say “pasa  palabra” (which is the name of the programme) and the letter stays blue; then, the turn is for the opponent.  Appart from learning new words and striving to use a cultivated language , it is exciting to win. A bit of competitiveness does not hurt.


By María Soledad González

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