Tell us a tale.

Once upon a time… there were students from 3th ESO (14-15 years)  telling TRADITIONAL TALES to their classmates. Some of them were surprising because we discovered new versions and new details about them.

They all have been really interesting to listen!

Education Day – 24th January

Our 2th Bachillerato students, in their year before going to university, have their own definitions about education. Here they are:

IMG_7523Miriam;Education is a process that will always be present in our lives. For me this concept includes that knowledge that we can learn and those values necessary to live in society’.

Marta: ‘For me, education is the process of being taught the basic knowlegde that everyone should know in order to develop our abilities. It gives us the possibility of increasing our intelligence, creativity and sociability, and gives us the knowledges we need for growing in our society and becoming part of it’.

Víctor: ‘It is the process of increasing our own skills about the things that are near us’.

Daniel: ‘The action of learning new and useful things which everyone should know’.