As you know, our school is making a great effort to teach mathematics in an attractive way for young learners.

For that reason, we are using a methodology called ENTUSIAMAT: we work in a manipulative and contextualized way, so that learning is meaningful and motivating. Today, for example, our students in year two  have worked cooperatively, in pairs, trying to draw triangles whose sides had the length indicated on the board.


After thinking a lot and searching for all the possibilities they could come up with , they soon realized that with some combinations it was not possible, since in order to draw of a triangle, the length of each side must be less than the sum of the two others. As you can see in the pictures, all the students were highly motivated and fully engaged…

When it comes to finding the solution to a challenge, children´s minds are activated and a fantastic atmosphere is created within the classroom. You hear a murmur of children talking about the task they are doing,  making suggestions to each other , “try this way,” or “let’s do it in another way …” In other words: a cooperative work environment, with exchanges of ideas and dialogue.

Finally, they have gone over all the triangles that they were able to find in COMPOSITION NUMBER VIII by  Kandisnsky in felt tip pen.

composición número VIII de KANDINSKY
A very enriching activity, which allows our students to use initiative, imagination and creativity to express themselves through artistic codes.


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