Sami national day, Feb 6th.

On February 6th in 1917, the first Sami congress was held in Trondheim, Norway. That was the first time the Swedish and Norwegian Sami’s were gathered politically. The Sami’s are the native people of Northern Europe.

Every year the norwegian schools recognise this day and celebrate in different ways.

Today I visited the “Norwegian 2”-class (a Norwegian introduction class for immigrants), where the students were introduced to the Sami people and culture.

The Sami flag was first used in 1986. Red, blue, yellow and green are the Sami colours. As you can see, there is a large circle on the flag. The circle represents a half sun and a half moon. The sun being red and the moon blue. The Sami people has been called “the son and daughters of the sun”.

To become familiar with the Sami’s national suit, the students coloured and cut out drawings. When they finished, they glued the drawings on sticks to use in a ‘doll theater’.

As the Sami national day is getting nearer, the teachers are preparing a day full of different activites.

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