Do you know how many people die because of the lack of water around their area? According to WATER.ORG 1,8 million people are living without access to save water.

As all of you know, water is one of the most important molecules we have on Earth. Around the water, the life rises, and each living thing needs water to live.  We need water because we are mostly water.

Apart from drinking, we use water for many things: taking baths, doing the washing up or even having fun. However, there are parts of our world in which people cannot get access to water.

During 10 days ours 1º ESO students have been calculating the amount of water they waste in their homes. Can you imagine how many liters of water you waste when you take a shower?  According to our students, we are wasting between 95 to 150 liters of water in 6 minutes.  It is striking! We cannot understand how there are parts in the world in which there is a waste of water whereas, in other parts, people cannot have access to water supplies.

For that reason, we decided to do something to spread the word out. After doing the research work, the students designed a poster where they shared ways of save water in your home. They made presentations around the school to show all the other students the water problems and the ways to solve them.

For that reason, they have become Water Ambassadors: they are truly committed to the water issues and they are really able to deal with them around the world.

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