Nothing like the pride that you feel when you show something of what you are proud of to an unconditional audience, your own little siblings.

The students of key Stage 1 ( 12 year-olds) performed their “bites” of the pioneer spanish novel  “Lazarillo de Tormes” to the children of Primary ( 6 and 7 year olds). They were all very excited and everything was perfect. My students were eager to represent in front of the audience, especially because among the public they had some siblings, cousins or friends.

The little ones  followed with great attention and asked some questions about the characters and the story which were answered with no less enthusiasm by the students of secondary.

I like to do this kind of activity from time to time taking advantage of the fact that in our school we have students of all ages. This time it has been a great success and I thank the “Funtastic” project for the opportunity to carry it out once again.


By María Soledad González

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