Moomin Mug Stories

Moomin mugs are a staple in many Finnish households. The mugs depict characters from the Moomin stories and have images from original drawings by Tove Jansson and her brother Lars Jansson. The Moomin mugs have been in production since 1990. New mugs are introduced each year and limited edition seasonal mugs are available in the summer and winter.

Our 5th graders took the idea of the Moomin mugs and developed their own stories based on the pictures represented on the mugs. The students created their own stories and wrote them in both Finnish and English (and some in Swedish as well!). 

Here are two examples of the Moomin mug stories the 5th grade students created! 🙂

Made with Padlet

One thought on “Moomin Mug Stories

  1. The students´ Moomin Mug stories are absolutely enchanting – just like Tove Jansson´s! And the colourful clocks, what a great idea to learn the clock and times!

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