Norway – our school

Bilde 01.11.2018, 10 38 39

At our school we have two football pitches, a volleyball court and we have tabletennis. We also have snowball targets.


Bilde 10.10.2018, 09 10 31

This is our base. Here we usually tend to relax while we eat food. We have a sofa. Some tend to sit here playing cards.


Bilde 01.11.2018, 10 44 42

This is the cafeteria, it is being served food here every school day. Its wery good food there plus there’s Litago (chocolate milk).

We don’t have enough seats in the cafeteria for everyone in the school, so many students sit in their hallways, or in the stairs.


Bilde 01.11.2018, 10 45 20

We have three floors in this school, one for each class.


Bilde 10.10.2018, 09 10 50

This is our classroom. Here we sit for 45 minutes and listen to the teacher talking about things we will learn.

Written by 10. grade students.

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